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Is she misleading or is she misled?

Her heart stops screaming and she know's she's dead.

8 November 1985
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I'm going to change the world just like everyone else.

I am not made of glass, and I will not shatter.

I'm 22 years old, and I do indeed feel like I'm old.

I love words.

I am a hopeless romantic and I believe in fate.

I am a lesbian.

I will not kiss your ass. If I compliment you, I mean it.

I despise two faced fakes.

If you aren't a nice person I don't need you in my life.

I full heartedly believe in karma.

My two cats are like my children.

I do not hate men.


+Tegan and Sara



+Team Dresch

+The Butchies

+Jack Off Jill


+The Cure


+VNV Nation

+Skinny Puppy


+Pzycho Bitch

+Elliot Smith

+Ani Difranco

+Built to Spill

+Switchblade Symphony

+Le Tigre

+Bikini Kill


+PJ Harvey

+The Cranberries

+Tracy + The Plastics

+X-Ray Spex

+Diva Destruction

+Melissa Ferrick

+Jill Sobule

+Kristin Hersh

+Mazzy Star




+Echo Form

+The Dresden Dolls

+Sarah Mclachlan

+Michelle Branch (sometimes)

+Nine Inch Nails


+This Ascension




+John Lennon

+Cyndi Lauper

+Bif Naked


+Azure Ray

+Assemblage 23



+Anna Oxygen

+Babes in Toyland

+Heavens To Betsy


+Rilo Kiley

+ many more



Party Monster


Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Boys Don't Cry

All Over Me


Go Fish

Big Fish

Edward Scissorhands

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